Monday, 4 May 2015

Kite Flying

Monday 4 May.Bank holiday.  0 miles 0 locks.
Maybe summer has arrived? And then again it might be only for a day.
We heard there was a fly your kite day at a large National Trust property not far away so off we went. The entrance to Lyme Park is on the A6,   reportedly the busiest road in the UK. As we arrive at the gate to make a left turn there are signs up saying "park closed" with a number of people in fluro jackets trying to keep some order. We stopped to see what the story was. Of course there is no where to pull over so as we talked to the fluor jacket brigade about how we could get in traffic stopped. The car parks are full and also the paddocks. So where can we park? A shrug of the shoulders was the reply. With a bit of tooting from behind we moved on and took a side street where we managed to park and walk the 1/2 mile back.
The kite flying was on a ridge alongside a keep. Great setting and a nice bit of wind. About now I wish we had bought one or two from home. There were some small para foils for sale so we now have 2 kites on the boat.

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