Thursday, 28 May 2015

Aviation fix

Thursday 28 May, 2 1/4 miles, 6 locks.

We woke to sunshine which came and went throughout the day. Decided we would only travel in sunshine. Great idea, didn't work. We were moored up above a lock so thought we would wait until a boat came up and set the lock for us. This happened, sun was shining so in we went. Just as I started down the cloud came over and a cold precipitation started. I was surprised to find hail on the boat. Three locks later we pulled over, sun came out and we enjoyed a hot drink.

We managed the next 6 locks without rain but when the sun went behind clouds it was a cold wind. At lunch time Diana put a casserole in the oven which made the afternoon smell with expectations. I'm writing this before I have tried it.

One of the Red Arrows is missing.
On Saturday while touring with Alan & Marian the Red Arrows flew low overhead on their way North. My guess to the launching of HMS Elizabeth or to the parade of the 3 Queens up the Mersey to celebrate Cunard's 175th anniversary. They passed in front of us on their way south later in the day.
Today while moored up after the first 3 locks the Red Arrows headed North again, to return later. I'm sure I counted 9 this morning and only 8 this afternoon.


  1. Sorry about the weather. We are followiing your map with the assistance of a good site called Inland Waterways of UK set up by It shows all the canals and when you select the name of the canal it brings up all details of every lock and bridge etc.

  2. Sitting having a coffee catching up with your blog. Would be interested in how the new batteries are performing. That would have been an expensive upgrade. Still you can't live in the dark all your life. Had our second Probus meeting at the RSA. It went well. We had tweeked the morning tea by moving it into the bar area. So it is now a much better venue than th e Taradale Club and much warmer. One of the other clubs will move from the taradale club to the RSA in July and the 3rd club is also thinking of moving to the RSA. We are waiting for the tree Monkey to chop down the big tree in our neighbours which will dramatically improve our Winter sun. We have been having sunny but cold days. It snowed here while we were in Wellington last weekend. Caused a bit of surprise as the locals say it never snows in Napier. Trust your weather improves
    Take care