Sunday, 31 May 2015

When in Rome eat what the Romas eat!

Saturday 30 May, 1 mile, 7 locks, 6 op shops

One of the nicer days so far. Setting off mid morning we passed many boats. Mid term break here so lots of hire boats out. The good thing about passing boats where there are many locks is that they have just come up and the lock is full for us to go down. Makes for quick transit. Arrived at Wheelock for lunch on board. Walked the 1 1/2 miles into Sandbach. We have been here before and it has a quaint square with a variety of buildings. Has a nice feel. I spent a bit of time sitting in the square while Diana did the op shops. She only missed one. Went supermarket shopping at "Waitrose". Waitrose is significant, it is the only place we have found Vogels bread. We have tried the local breads but they are a bit airy and bland so sorry, if I can buy a good Kiwi bread I will and will always look for a Waitrose when we stop.

Sunday 31 May, 5 1/2 miles, 4 locks.

The pitter patter on the roof kept us in bed till after 8. Breakfast followed by a leisurely morning. Weather improved so after lunch, fill with water and head off Northwest. All but one of the locks were set and the canal depth seemed better than usual so we pushed the revs up a bit. Molly performed well. There has been a bit of wind today making the entrance into some of the locks a bit interesting and noisey. Found a good mooring outside a well known F&C shop just before the junction with the Middlewich branch canal which we turn off onto tomorrow. F&C closed Sunday.

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