Friday, 1 May 2015

Awake but not switched on

29-30 April. heaps of miles, no locks.

We are here and Molly Rose is looking in good shape. Quite dry inside but a bit cold so have had the heater on to help bring her back to life. Nick has been busy sorting out the list of maintenance I left him with, including a new Boat Safety Certificate. Like a WOF and good for 4 years. Wonder if we will need to renew it in 2019.
From Macau to Furness Vale. The day started with breakfast then a walk around Macau back to the hotel around 1300 for a feet up, pack up and check out at 1800. Ferry ride to Hong Kong Airport with a departure time of 0100. Been up 17 hrs. The 13 hour flight is one of those life experiences. So 30hrs later we are in Manchester waiting for the morning rush to ease up before venturing on to the M65 and A6. An hour or so with Nick on the boat before some shut eye at the B & B. Wake from that in the evening before back to the boat for an hour or so, visit the chippy and .end the day in a very comfortable bed.

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