Friday, 29 May 2015

How Fast

Friday 29 May. 2 1/2 miles, 7 locks.

Same old, same old today. We woke to the music of rain on the roof so there was no rush to put feet on the floor. With the new batteries there was no question if we should run the heaters. What a cosy place our little waterborne home is when it is warm. Rain eased about lunch time and it was quite a pleasant day. Off we go straight into a rising breeze which made a significant chill factor. As the day went on it started to get unpleasant so as soon as we could find a sheltered spot that was it. Lovely, peaceful & rural. Just after tea the local farmer decided to spray the paddock across the canal with effluent. although the wind had dropped and it was a beautiful sunset we chose to stay inside with windows closed.

Part of our journey today took us under the M6. We were doing 2mph they were doing about 5mph That's progress!


  1. Hi John. Finally remembered how to add you to the side bar of our blog so will be be following you and madam's progress this summer.
    I think Bollington is one of my favourite places on the canal network but that walk up to White Nancy sure puff's an old fella out.
    Loved your "Haere Mai" sign by the way.
    Currently In Leighton Buzzard on the GUC heading south. Roger & Pat on

  2. Hi John and Diana weather has made us go home for the weekend and we have put Lady E in Barton Marina.Heading back to Alrewas on Wednesday then making our way south.We have finally got planning permission for our new house so that will be starting in July so exciting times for us and hoping the weather gets better for boating and building