Friday, 28 August 2015

Another tick

Friday 28 August. 5 miles, 8 locks.

We went to the butcher in Alrewas to stock the fridge. Then off towards Fradley Junction. This is a place we remember well. Back in 2010 on Llanarrow as we approached a lock I lost reverse gear. Thats not too bad except when you put the controls into reverse the throttle is opened. Here I am approaching a lock, wanting to slow down so into reverse I go and the boat accelerates, something wrong, try again and we are going faster instead of slower. Leap off the boat, grab the centre rope and struggle to stop the boat with brute force. Once we have stopped I noticed that the prop was still turning. I now have some idea of what has happened so kill the engine. Well that is why we remember Fradley. The other significant thing about Fradley is that passing this point means we have now navigated the entire length of the Trent and Mersey canal. Tick in the box. Travelled on up the canal until it started getting very windy and uncomfortable so pulled over for the night. Moored up amongst the weeds. Happens that it is the same spot we  moored up on 6th July 2010 with friends Robert and Mary, from New Plymouth, on board.

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