Sunday, 9 August 2015


Friday 7 August. 17 1/2 miles, 10 locks, 1 tunnel.

Set off planning to call into the Crick Marina for a look around this well known boating centre. At the last entrance to the marina we found an empty berth on the canal. Shortly after a local queries our intentions. Then just before we are to walk in Management arrives and tells us there are no facilities to look at and sends us on our way. The first part of today we are not going any where near villages and the view is a bit obstructed by trees. Later on it is great views over the farmland and a beautiful day. A joy to be boating. We arrive at the Foxton Locks about 1700 and moor up well back from the top so I can walk forward to see what is happening. Talk to the lock keeper who says we can come down but be quick as there are boats to come up. By the time we get back with the boat the situation has changed and we will have to wait for three boats coming up. At 1800 we are on our way down the first 5 of the staircase where we wait so three coming up can pass. Down the last 5 and out the bottom by 1845. Moor at the bottom and have a great dinner that has been prepared and cooking for a couple of hours. Finish the evening with a visit to "Bridge 61", a very traditional Pub.

Saturday 8 August 5 1/2 miles, 2 swing bridges.

A beautiful day. The morning is spent looking around the Foxton locks and the remains of the old boat incline. We had been told by others that this was the prettiest set of locks. We would have to agree. It just felt nice to be alive on the canals in England. In the afternoon we set off up the branch to Market Harborough and moored up in the basin at Union Wharf. Pleasant surroundings with residential housing, small businesses and a restaurant. Rachel and Trevor head off to town to locate a rental car company and buy a B & B book. Diana and I went in a bit later and meet up for Fish & Chips sitting on a bench in the square. One of the things Trevor wanted to do back here in England. Spent the evening sitting on a bench outside the Canal Club office using their wifi.

Sunday 9 August. 0 miles.

Trevor has been using his mechanical skills to check out and give me advice on looking after Molly Rose's inner workings. I then made a horrible mess doing an oil change. Trevor and Rachel skyped home and sorted out transport for the next 3 weeks. Diana went to the antique market in town. We followed in later for lunch and food shopping to restock before heading off on our separate ways tomorrow. It has been great to have them on board for the last 10 days. they can now understand why we are over here.

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