Saturday, 15 August 2015

Rain Delay

Friday 14 August. 0 miles.

Although the forecast was for heavy rain and thunder not much feel on Leicester overnight. At the first lock we drop down onto the river . There are warning boards to tell you what the water level is and whether one should proceed or not. The difficulty is that you don't know till you get there. I phoned a lock keeper and he said that there was no warnings at the moment but it was bucketing down where he was and the river could be in flood in a couple of hours. After further discussion we decided to stay another day as where we are is secure from water level changes. Found a good sized Tesco supermarket two blocks away so did a big shop. I went back again just before tea to top up the cellar. The day was drizzly and after pottering around town we gave up, found a very good local museum and then came back to the boat by 1700.

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