Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Book 6

Monday 17 August. 8 1/2 miles, 4 locks.

Up Early and polished the side of the boat I washed yesterday. Set off Northeast through countryside keeping clear of weir's that are just before each lock. Called into Loughborough where there is a large Tesco's beside the canal basin. Leaving the townscape behind we trundle along until we moor up at the last available spot. Happens to be opposite a nice pub, That's a positive. Over a mile each way to the nearest bridge to cross the river. Thats a negative. Sat on the towpath watching the wild life, picked a few blackberries then washed the other side of the boat. We are right under the final approach to East Midlands airfield and Ryan Air are doing circuits in a B737.

Tuesday 18 August. 12 1/2 miles, 8 locks.

Polished the other side of the boat before heading off. Caught up with a boat and went through the next 7 locks with them. Although the mileage was high for the day we were on rivers where the speed limit is 6 and 8 mph. Molly can produce a mighty bow wave. I have decided that we are a few hours travel in credit to get back to Furness Vale so at the Junction of the Rivers Soar and Trent we turn right heading down the Trent to Nottingham, where we are now moored. As we approach Nottingham Jim, from Preston rings to find out where we are. He and Ann are in the area and join us for dinner in town before they continue on their way.

The title refers to the Waterways guides I use. We have not been on the River Trent before so I had to open book 6 as my guide to where we were going.

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  1. Not far from where you show you are in Nottingham is Ye Old Jerusalem Pub (or something similar name). Wewere fascinated by this as it is built into the cave in the hill under the castle.