Saturday, 15 August 2015

On the River Soar

Saturday 15 August. 10 miles 8 locks.

The only boat going our way was breasted up with us but got away well before we were ready. Sun's shining and off we head. As we are about to close the gate at the first lock Diana sees a boat coming so we wait. It is a 28ft cabin cruiser that had been behind us on the moorings but was facing the other way so had not considered them as company in the locks. The difference is that at 28ft they could do a "U" turn. Today we had company on all 8 locks. It was a lovely run on the River Soar with deep water making the boat work better. The only hitch was a rubbish filled section where the cabin cruiser got stopped with a plastic bag around the prop. As we went past we picked up a plastic bag and part of a pack which stopped us in our tracks. We both got the props cleared and carried on. Moored up tonight at Mountsorrel. Took a walk into the village where there are a number of stone buildings. this probably because there were a number of Quarries in the area. Walk to the top of a hill where you could see for miles. Nice to be up a bit and get some idea of where you are and have been.

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  1. you seem to be having some changable weather,but life seems pretty pleasant. winter is pretty cold in this part of the world. winter is not letting up. we have both had colds which is not like us. we have had the big tree next door cut down and it is letting a lotmore light and sun in the lounge which is excellent. Probus is going well, we have left the australian Probus and have joined the NZ Probus. We are looking forward to the rail tunnel trip. That is about it