Sunday, 23 August 2015

Last of the biggies

Saturday 22 August, 4 1/2 miles, 3 locks.

I walked to the Marina below Shardlow on the River Trent. Plenty of boats and a great variety of narrowboats, cruisers & sea going  launches.  A bit of a tidy up around the boat and some R & R before we went to visit the Shardlow Heritage Centre. Once again a small museum that excelled in the displays because it was operated by enthusiastic volunteers. Set off on a beautiful, warm to us, hot to the locals, day. Meandered along with pleasant surroundings but nothing spectacular. Due to the heat of the day the thunderstorms started to build up about 1600 so we watched them closely. Continued motoring through the edge of some rain until a big one threatened. Moored up just in time. 20 minutes later we could continue on but decided not to. Nice evening followed although a bit noisy. Commercial airfield and race car circuit within 5 miles. The farmer was disking the field next door till late in the night. I guess he was trying to beat the storms that are forecast. The odd coal train rattled by and the dogs in the pound stopped barking after dark. The police helicopter was not far away searching for something about 0100. Despite this it was a nice place that felt like it was out in the sticks, to spend the night.

Sunday 23 August. 6 1/2 miles. 2 locks.

A lovely morning to continue our trundle through Derbyshire. At the first lock there was a bit of traffic so we waited our turn which was lucky as another boat arrived in time to join us through the lock. They then followed us the three miles to the next and last double lock. The two lockies went up to the lock and then came back with smiles on their faces as there were a couple of lock keepers on duty and they wanted to do all the work. It should be a bit easier from here on as we are back into single locks again. As we approached Willington the drizzle threatened so Diana walked ahead and found a big enough slot just 4 boat lengths away from one of three pubs in the town. Sunday Roast sounds good. Checked out the first pub which was more a restaurant type overlooking the canal. The second one advertised food but when we went in they didn't. Third time lucky. Went in to what had a nice english pub atmosphere and asked for a menu. "Don't have a menu, all we have today is a Roast". Well I have to say that was the best Roast so far with the tenderest cut of beef I have had for some time. So with belly full of roast and a pint the rest of the day was very relaxing.

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