Thursday, 13 August 2015

On our own.

Monday 10 August, 11 miles, 3 locks, 2 swing bridges, 1 tunnel.

Rachel & Trevor are all packed up and waiting for their rental to arrive between 9 & 10. After a few delays it arrived and they were on their way by 1100. We set off just before 12 and motored back down to Foxton where we turned north. A nice rural run with many twist and turns. As we were going through the Saddington tunnel, which is two way, I missed a great photo opportunity. The reflections were perfect and the exit portal was a complete circle. Half way through I could see the shape of a narrow boat on the other side of the tunnel. As we got closer to the other boat, still outside the tunnel, it looked like it was suspended in the middle of the portal circle. Quite eerie and confusing on the brain. Did three locks after the tunnel then moored up between locks for the night. That proved to be a good decision as there were no places to moor during the following days run.

Tuesday 11 August. 4 1/2 miles 9 locks.

We set of for Kilby Bridge, the recommended last place to stop before the run into Leicester. On the way we pass the only small village for miles. There is no where to moor up so I sit on a lock mooring while Diana takes a walk into the village. While she is away I help 3 boats through the lock. Diana returns disappointed as she didn't find anything interesting. We continue on to Kilby Bridge, Fill with water and moor up for the night watching for boats that may be going to Leicester tomorrow. The local pub is recommended and it is Curry night. Very nice it was. Back to the boat and there is one moored up pointing our way. No, they are having a day off and not going our way in the morning.

Wednesday 12 August. 8 miles, 12 locks.

Away at a reasonable hour and plod off by ourselves. Beautiful warm day. After 7 locks we stop under some trees, get out the chairs and enjoy lunch on the towpath. Not a common activity this summer. The next lock takes us down onto the River Soar where the water is a bit deeper and Molly is happiest. Finally we arrive at the mooring alongside Castle Park. All spots taken and nobody around so we breast up alongside a boat we had been through 3 locks with yesterday. Of the 24 double locks we have done in the last three days these were the only ones we paired up for. The moorings we are on are fenced off from the park and the gate is locked, also the park is locked at night so feel safe here. After tea we take a walk into to town to see what's there. Locate the market, Cathedral, and part of the shopping centre. Found a Gelato shop, one of the top 6 in the country. Prices reflect that but the quality was superb.

Thursday 13 August. 0 miles.

Shuffled the boat around to let others out and end up attached to the pontoon. Into the market where it was interesting listening to the banter of the sellers. Mid afternoon friends from Bristol join us in town for lunch and then they come back to the boat where we chat for a couple of hours before they resume their journey to Sheffield. Nice to have a bit of a gentle day.

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  1. Sounds like your grinder has had to work very hard going through all these locks. Pity the timing wasn't better for sharing.